Working With Heart

Imagine you get up in the morning and full of excitement you jump on our bike. (I know what you are thinking. Yes, the Dutch like their bikes.) From nine to five you get to do what makes you feel joy, makes you happy. As you’re cycling back home, you feel sad that you have to wait over twelve hours to be able to do it all again. What do you imagine? Do you imagine the job you currently have? What is it that gets you up in the morning?

Forget about money, about expectations. Forget about everything. Eight hours a day, forty hours a week, over two thousand hours a year, that’s a lot of time. Wouldn’t you want to spend it doing something you love, something that has meaning?

Finding meaning in your work

Sometimes it can be difficult to find fulfillment or meaning in your day to day work. While focussed on your work, it’s easy to forget about the bigger picture. Why are you in the job that you currently are? Are you pursuing something that you’re passionate about? Does the company you work for have important values that resonate with you?

I understand that there is of course the basic need for a job. You need to earn money in order to live your life. I know that not everyone has the luxury to be able to do what they love to do. Though, I know, you can also find fulfillment in your work.

Three keys to finding fulfillment in your work

Fulfillment is a feeling you have, when you find your work meaningful. We all desire careers that are personally engaging and financially secure. There are three keys to finding meaning in your work.

  • Are you making impact that matters?
  • Do you have meaningful relationships?
  • Are you growing?

1. Impact that matters

In order to make impact that matters, you first want to think about what values matter most to you. What defines you as a person? Write these down. Think about these values every start of the day and try to live by them, no matter the circumstances. Apply them while you are at work and in your personal life. Try to embody these values and reflect at the end of your day.

2. Meaningful relationships

Building positive, meaningful relationships is key. It feels good to have positive people in your life. How do you built these relationships? This is easy when you show genuine interest and care for the people around you. Really listen to them. Show that you care and they will care for you too. Be genuine and you’ll built the positive relationships, which will make any work day a better day.

3. Personal growth

Even the smallest improvement feels great. The key to personal growth is not comparing yourself to others but just comparing yourself to yourself. Try to define the areas of personal growth that you want to improve in. These can be anything: people skills, management, leadership, any area of expertise that will benefit you down the road. Improve every day and you’ll feel great about yourself.

Continuously reflect

Remember to continuously reflect on what brings you joy and meaning in your work and make adjustments when needed. Your work takes up a significant amount of your time and energy. Make sure you spend it on something that you care about, so that it may bring you fulfillment in your life.

What is something that you really value in your current work? Or is there something you wish you could spend more time on? Please share in the comments below.


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