The Knitwear Edit

Hi guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spend it with lots of friends and family! I just love this time of year when the cold outside makes your home feel even more warm and cosy. It is also the time to layer up and wear chunky knits. So much cosiness.

You might think “Noortje, have you gone mad? Talking about wearing layers and knits, yet wearing only a mini skirt with a sweater”. You have to know, this outfit was actually really quiet warm. Because of the high neck and thickness of the sweater my upper-half was super warm. Of course walking outside with bare legs while it’s only five degrees is not the best idea, though the knee high boots made it actually quiet doable. Thankfully never had a cold moment that day. So, a quick tip: You can definitely wear skirts during the winter, all you have to do is combining them with high boots and warm, chunky knits.

This winter I am totally obsessed with white knitwear. If it’s white, fluffy and a (little) oversized I am a happy girl. I find this actually quiet funny since normally during the winter I usually wear my black “uniform”. Also I am loving earth tones this winter. Keeping it neutral this winter.

So what knitwear should you get this winter? Personally I am a huge fan of a slight oversized fit. Though I think you can best get a mix of fitted and oversized knitwear. Fitted sometimes just works better for some occasions. Also I would get neutral tones, these are just really easy to mix and match.


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