The Convertible Luxury Bag

When investing in a designer bag, of course you want to get the most wear out of it. This means that the bag has to be of a certain quality in order to be durable, but also being able to wear the bag in multiple ways helps ensure wearability. So when I purchases the Fendi Back To School bag, I kept those things in mind. As Fendi has high quality standards and fabrication is done in Italy, I had no doubt about the quality of the bag. Though many other luxury brands also maintain high quality standards. What made me chose this bag is not only the esthetics of the design, but also the functionality. It being a convertible bag, you can wear it as a shoulder bag as well as a backpack. This way you sort of have two bags in one, creating very different looks. One more practical and playful, the other more chic.

Going into more of the details of the bag, you notice two rings underneath the “ears” of the bag, a super fun way to customize your bag a little bit. Because of these rings you can easily attach a scarf or a hanger. This time I chose to accessorize it with a small Gucci scarf, just giving it a little bit of a personal touch. So, how do you convert the bag? This is actually really simple, and you can even do it on the go! When converting from a shoulder bag to backpack, you simple pull the chains on the back of the bag. When you want to convert your bag back, you simple pull the other handle. That’s it!

My favourite part of the bag? The studded handle, giving the bag a little bit of a rough, edgy look. This just gives a really nice contrast against the softness of the leather.

I chose to purchase the smaller version of this bag in light blue, though it comes in many other colors and one size bigger. The nice thing about the larger version? It also has a top handle! Why I didn’t get that version? Even though, this one might seem small, it actually fits a ton of things! Sunglasses, wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, all the essentials fit perfectly. Also I just really have a weak spot for small bags, they are just so cute!


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