Sustainable Luxury, Made to Last

Sustainable Luxury, Made to Last

Sustainable or ethical fashion is often thought of as boring. Though it is something that is getting more and more important. How often do you think about where your clothing comes from and who made it? Like most people and I, probably not very often. We look for clothing that makes us look and feel a certain way. But how can we feel good about the clothes we wear if they have a negative impact on the world? Luckily the number of sustainable fashion brands is growing faster then ever before and with a few simple tricks you can make your wardrobe a more sustainable one.

One of the sustainable brands I have recently discovered is Manning Cartell. They are an Australian brand and produce all of their amazing clothing in an ethical way in Australia. This way they have a positive impact on the local job market and are able to maintain their high quality standards. To be honest, I initially fell for their incredible designs, it was only afterwards that I found out they were a sustainable fashion brand. This is when I realized that you really don’t have to make any style concessions when wearing sustainable fashion.

But of course you don’t want to be restricted to sustainable brands. So when purchasing a “non-sustainable” brand you can think about the following things. What is the quality of the product? Is it made of a material that I know is going to last or not? Look for clothing which is made of high quality materials. Is it something timeless, like a white blouse, jeans or a little black dress, that you will be able to wear endlessly? Is it something versatile that you can wear with a lot of different outfits? If you can answer one of these questions with yes, you have made a good choice. Though the key to a more sustainable wardrobe is to limit the size of it and only expand when necessary. A very difficult task if you ask me 😉


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