Starting out with yoga

Starting out with yoga

Only recently I started practicing yoga. Taking a few lessons at my local gym got me so excited that I purchased my own mat. Now I could also practice at home:)

There a quite a few misconceptions about yoga that may keep you from starting yourself. I’m here to tell you that yoga is for you, it’s for everyone.

“You have to be flexible to do yoga.”

As a person who is not super flexible, I can asure you, it is not just for the super flexible. We all have to start somewhere of course. I did have some flexibility, thanks to practicing ballet when I was younger (thanks mom), but it is definitely not a neccesity when practicing as a beginner. There are tons of great excercises to get you started with yoga! More on that coming soon.

“Yoga isn’t a though workout.”

Everytime I try to convince my boyfriend to join me, he hits me with this one. Though the fact is, I sometimes am more sore after a yoga practice than I am from a boxing class. All because in order to go through the various yoga poses, you need to egage all your muscles, with your body weight as resistance. So no need to worry, you won’t feel like you didn’t do a workout;)

“You have to be spiritual.”

Though some yogi do incorporate this in their practice, it is definitely not a necessity. Everyone practices it in their own way. Do it the way you like and take from it what benefits you. Of course it does help you in your daily life to stay more focused, to have a clear mind and to strengthen the connection with your body. But most of all yoga is to have fun!

I hope this inspired you to take the first step, the hardest, beginning. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

Love, Noortje Isabelle


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