My Sparkly Eye Makeup Look

My Sparkly Eye Makeup Look

Eventhough I love having a skincare day, sometimes it’s just so nice to put in a little bit more effort and do a glam makeup look. I always go for the same base, but like to switch it up with my eye makeup. This time I went for a sparkly look, using a Charlotte Tilbury palette, which has these beautiful nude, pink sparkly shades that I just absolutely love.

Step one: the base

I start by applying the lightest colour of the palette in the centre. It’s this beautiful, sparkly champagne colour which is perfect to draw the attention to your eyes.

Step two: creating shadow

To create shadow I pick a slighty darker nude colour. I apply this in the crease and subtly let it fade out the corner of my eyes. To create a more sultry look, I also apply this colour underneath my eyes.

Step three: liner

To complete the look, I want to add some definition. I do this by using a dark brown eye liner, which perfectly does the job. I love creating a little wing, but you can create whatever fits your eye shape best.

Hope you enjoyed reading this little blog post. You can find the full video tutorial on my Instagram.

Love, Noortje Isabelle


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