Seven Skincare Faves

Seven Skincare Faves

Hi Loves! I hope you are doing alright? This time we’re talking skincare that I purchased time and time again. But, as I also love trying new products, I’ve made a selection of new arrivals battling for a place to stay permanently in my skincare collection. But first let me tell you a bit more about my skin type and what I look for in skincare products.

My skin: luckily I don’t have the most difficult skin. Overall my skin is slightly dry and sometimes a little sensitive. Now and then I have an occasional breakout around the chin or jawbone. I look for glow, hydration and protection from my skincare routine.

Long Time Favourites:

1. Tan Luxe the Face. Your go to product for a natural glowy face tan. I tend to have my face as much out of the sun as possible and wear SPF daily. The best thing you can do for your skin, but leaves it (in my case) super pale. Definitely in winter this skincare product is my best friend. Add a few drops to your favourite moisturizer and you’re good to go:)

2. Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Serum Mist. Adding a serum to your daily skincare is essential. This one by Starskin is just everything. Love that it comes as a spray. During Summer this was definitely my best friend as it was just so refreshing to use during the day. Leaves your skin hydrated, plump and glowy!

3. MILU Melting Cleansing Balm. Can we first talk about the scent of this product please. The papaya smell of this cleansing balm is just divine. Also it makes taking off your makeup just so much more easy and enjoyable. I never really liked the process of taking my makeup off, but this product really changed the game.

New Arrivals:

4. La Rosée Clay Mask Stick. Before this I never knew of the existence of mask sticks. But I’m absolutely loving it! Super easy to apply. And leaves your skin super smooth and purified of all toxins.

5. Ivy Aïa Face Cream. Currently trying out this face cream. Love the result of it in the morning (nice and soft), when I’ve put it on over night. Though I do think the texture is just a little thick. But when mixing it with a serum it feels so good!

6. (and 7) The Pestle and Mortar Glow Combo. Currently really loving their glow drops and moisturizer. They give the skin a beauty glow and leave it soft and naturally tanned. Love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog and got some inspiration for your own skincare routine. Would love to know what your skincare favourites are! Let me know in the comments below:)


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