My loves, I’m so excited to finally share with you my first ever travel guide! It has been long overdue to share one, but somehow I never got to write a travel guide. So this time I pushed myself into directly writing a travel diary after my experiences in Paris. For me, it wasn’t the first time visiting Paris, but it was the first time for my boyfriend. So I couldn`t be more excited to show him my favourite places and for him to finally share my love for the ever so beautiful Paris. I hope you enjoy reading this travel guide as much as I wandering around Paris.

How to get there?
My favourite way of travelling to Paris is by train. It`s just so easy and before you know it you’re already in the heart of Paris. Of course, you can also go by plane or car (if you don`t live too far away), but for me, I travelled from Amsterdam, by train is just the best option. Between checking in your luggage and boarding time, by plain is really not the easiest and fastest way to go. Though I also just really enjoy the charm of going by train. I always feel like you can enjoy the journey just so much more.

Where to stay?
Hotel Price Albert Louvre: This time we decided to stay at the Hotel Prince Albert Louvre. As the name already says, the hotel is located near the Louvre in the heart of Paris. Perfect for a short stay when you want to be as close to the city centre as possible. Our room was not very big, but for a hotel in the centre it was perfect. Breakfast is an option at the hotel, but their are also lots of cute breakfast options near the hotel.

Where to eat?
Bistro Saint-Dominique: Not only the food is amazing, the interior of this place is incredible. It has such a good atmosphere and everything is just delicious. (Really not that expensive)

Hao Long: For amazing Asian food, this is your go-to place in Paris. Their dumplings are just amazing and the people incredibly nice.

What to do? – My “non-standard” favourites
L’ Opera Garnier: As beautiful as the Opera Garnier is from the outside, trust me it’s even better inside. It’s the most beautiful and extravagant place, with all its incredible detail and dramatic architecture. Just wandering around here is an amazing experience. If you love everything gold, this is your spot.

Le Petit Palais: You’re probably more familiar with its big sister le Grand Palais, but le Petit Palais is something that shouldn`t be forgotten. Situated across from its big sister, I truly feel it’s equally as beautiful. Inside you’ll find an enchanting garden perfect for daydreaming and the most beautiful French artwork.

I hope you like the pictures, feel free to ask any questions!


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