Hi lovelies, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! For your Sunday read I decided to share my hair journey with you. It involves quiet a lot of hair dyeing, so be prepared.

Before I went to college, about five years ago, I actually never did anything with my hair. I felt utterly bored with it as it was just straight (impossible to curl) and a colour dark blonde which didn’t really do anything for me. So as the main trend at that time was pastel coloured hair, of course I wanted that too. After a complete fail of me doing it myself at home, I went to a hair salon to get my hair coloured some sort of pastel pink, maybe a bit strawberry blonde. This actually ended up looking pretty good. Not too pink. Just a really nice subtle rose glow.

But of course after a few weeks, it started to grow out a bit. Also I was kind of done with that colour, since it didn’t match all my outfits, and decided I wanted my blonde as light as possible. At first I didn’t dare to go too light, as I didn’t know how it would look on me. But after a while it just never seemed light enough. So I ended up with the lightest possible blonde, which really didn’t suit me at all. But at the time I obviously completely loved it.

So after it had finally hit me that it didn’t look good on me at all, I decided I wanted to dye it back similar to my original colour. Though because of all the hair dyeing I did before, the dye didn’t take at all. Finally the only option seemed to let it grow out. Somehow, against all expectations, that actually went pretty well. It even looked a bit like balayage.

After a while only my ends still looked a little off. They just weren’t matching my original hair colour, as they had a weird yellow glow. My hairdresser thankfully fixed that and so made my hair look so much more natural. Matching the colour so well to my own hair colour and skin tone.

So if there is one lesson to learn from this tale, it is never to colour your hair by yourself. Unless you know what you are doing. (I obviously didn’t). I hope you enjoyed this little read. Below you’ll find the end result of my hair journey.

Hair by Coiffures Gilbert


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