Dressing Up Biker Shorts

Dressing Up Biker Shorts

Hi babe! Are you currently obsessing as much over biker shorts as I am? I’m a little late to the trend, I know haha. But I’m finding more and more ways to dress them up and even wear to work! Here are my favourite ways to dress up biker shorts.⁠

1. Add your favourite pair of heels to lift your look to the next level.⁠ I currently love wearing my Manning Cartell heels with biker shorts. They just really lift the entire look. Though I also love combining these shorts with sneakers if I wanna go for comfy:)

2. Combine them with a blazer. Add a belt to create amazing shapes! (Love this trick)⁠. Here I’m wearing my blazer closed with a black lace bralette underneath. Just to make sure I have enough coverage;) This makes for such an elegant look.

3. I just love wearing them with oversized blouses. Go for a classic cotton as you’ve seen me wearing or go for one of a more expensive (looking) material. Just really any oversized blouse will work!

4. Wear your favourite gold jewellery to get that chic look.⁠ I just love adding a little bit of sparkle to my looks. Adding some gold jewellery really does the trick!

I hope you loved reading my tips and got some inspiration to style your biker shorts. Would love to know what your favourite biker short look is. Let me know in the comments below:)


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