Cookie Dough Nice Cream

Cookie Dough Nice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? This vegan cookie dough nice cream is made with frozen bananas, soy milk and has big chunks of edible cookie dough in every bite. It’s the perfect healthy treat and is super easy to make.⁠ ⁠The secret to this yummy recipe? The yummy cookie dough bites!

How to make cookie dough bites?

To make these delicious bites, mix oat flour, nut butter, vanilla extract, maple syrup and cacao nibs in a bowl. Then scoop up the dough with a teaspoon, kneed them into bite size balls and place them on a plate. Once all the mixture is finished, place them in the freezer for one to two hours.

How to make nice cream?

The key ingredient to making this nice cream is frozen bananas. You need frozen bananas because whipping frozen bananas is the base for the nice cream! The whipped bananas make the creamy and delicious base! All you have to do is place the frozen bananas, vanilla extract, maple syrop, vanilla protein powder and a splash of soy milk into your foodprocessor and blend until smooth. Then all that left, is to add your cookiedough bites and some extra cacao nibs for the finishing touch. Place it in the freezer to let the nice cream set!


Cookie dough bites
– 2 tbsp oat flour
– 2 tbsp nut butter
– 1 tbsp vanilla extract
– 2 tbsp maple syrup
– 2 tbsp cacao nibs

Nice cream
– 3 frozen bananas
– 1 tbsp vanilla extract
– 1 tbsp maple syrup
– 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
– splash of milk



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