Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury

Are you the girl with a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade wage? Don’t worry, I got you;) One of the biggest myths is, that luxury is only for the few. But don’t worry. You really don’t need to spend a million bucks to look it. If you pay attention to detail, fabric and cut, you’ll find yourself looking like a queen in a flash. Know how to spend your money and only invest in timeless pieces. I always tend to go for a more expensive bag or a pair of shoes, that I know will last me a long time. Dresses, skirt, shirts and so on I tend to buy high street. But sometimes I just love to splurge a little. You need to treat yourself from time to time right?

So, what’s on the list? I put together a little bit of everything. Mainly things I currently have in my wardrobe or are really high on my wishlist. I really looked for pieces with the perfect cut, made of high quality materials and with a luxurious feel. Also I added some of the latest trends, strappy sandals, gold jewellery and satin skirts included of course. I’ve actually been really obsessed with finding the perfect satin skirt. They just really upgrade any outfit. Wear them with a tee and sneakers and you’ll still look super chic. Swap your sneakers for strappy sandals and you’re ready to go out. Definitely a must have in every Spring/Summer wardrobe if you ask me.

I hope you love the pieces I selected for you and that you found some inspiration for your own wardrobe. Would love it if you left a comment!

Noortje Isabelle


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