3 Wardrobe Essentials

3 Wardrobe Essentials

So you may have noticed that I re-style a lot of the same items in different outfits. Also when something just works really well for me, I tend to buy more of similar items with the same cut or style. Do you have one of those pieces you can just literally style with anything? For me that is the white blouse I’m wearing here.

1. The signature white blouse. I think I bought this blouse over 3 years ago and I’m now wearing it more than ever. Wearing it as an actual blouse. Or in this case as a sort of cardigan / light jacket. I can style this item for so many looks, winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. Wear your cotton blouse on biker shorts (as you’ve seen me wear) to get that Summery casual chic look. Style it with your favourite pair of jeans and boots for Fall. Or, like me, just throw it over a bandeau top to just add that extra layer to your outfit.

2. Strappy heels. You might think “Can she shut up already about these strappy heels? We know!”. But I’m just going to mention them again, as I recently found this incredible pair by Phillip Lim. I immediately fell for the minty green colour and the way the straps are shaped on the shoe. Also(!), they are actually really comfortable, as the foot bed is really soft. Get yourself a pair before summer is over and style up any outfit!

3. Silky joggers. I am really not the one for wearing any type of homewear or atheletic wear out the door (bikershorts excluded). But lately I’ve been really into garments with this silky look. Honestly these joggers are so chic. Definitely doesn’t feel like you’re wearing homewear or whatever. And of course they are just so comfortable! Really recommend getting a pair of these!

I hope you loved reading my tips and got some inspiration for your own wardrobe. Would love to know what your go-to pieces are. Let me know in the comments below:)


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